Individualized Training Programs

Are you looking for a program with a specific purpose? Are you looking to gain muscle? Increase explosiveness such as in the 40 yard dash or in the vertical jump? Lose a few pounds before the next family get together?

In search of reaching their goals many people go on-line to try to self-educate by finding ideas or tips for writing their own programs. Typically, these people come to find out 6 weeks later that it did not yield the exact results they were looking for. Another possibility, is that you write programs that tend to favor exercises that you are comfortable with, not realizing that you may benefit much more from exercises you have never been introduced to. Some of the best, most beneficial programs I have used have been written by colleagues, due to their unbiased opinion.

This is your opportunity to have a program written for yourself by the same professional working with the top level athletes on a daily basis. These programs are written for your specific needs and desires with highly detailed instructions as well as video tutorials and analysis as you move through the program. Individuals will have direct access to the program writer in order to discuss training sessions and have questions answered expediently.

So, why pay a trainer who will charge $60-$100 per hour for each session when you could pay for the program and implement it yourself.