Client Testimonials

"Working with Nick Brattain has been a great experience. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to the human body regarding training for performance, recovery, and injury prevention. Nick was key in the rehab process and the prevention of shoulder surgery during the 2014-2015 season after a contact injury during a game. Besides keeping me healthy during the season, Nick is in charge of all of my off-season training. He is great at keeping training fresh and using new technology to track my progress and performance throughout the program. I believe that Nick’s training has and will continue to keep my body healthy and in the best shape for each season."

Eric Gordon
Los Angeles Clippers/ New Orleans Pelicans
Selected 7th overall in 2008 NBA Draft
NBA All-rookie Second Team 2009
Los Angeles Clippers 2008-2011, New Orleans Pelicans 2011-Present
All-Rookie Second Team 2008
USA Men’s National Team 2010-2012
FIBA World Champion 2010

"Nick is always a pleasure to work with. He definitely pushes me. I work with him 5 days per week throughout the off-season on everything from conditioning to strength and power development. With his track and field background he is knowledgeable at helping athletes become explosive. This is very beneficial and helped me to retrain my body. He has a knack, as a trained set of eyes, to really break-down the movements and assist in making me quicker, faster, and more explosive. There have been several times I did not think I could go any further and he pushes that limit. I definitely feel that I am the strongest that I have ever been in my career, and that goes far considering the number of years I have been in this game, being 34 years old. He is the best person to train me and I feel the most prepared going into the season."

Katie Douglas
Indiana Fever/Connecticut Suns
2005-2007, 2010, 2011 WNBA All Defensive Team
2012 WNBA Champion
2006-07, 2009, 2011, 2014 WNBA All-Star Selection

“Nick has been prominent for my career. He has taught me to bring the same focus I have on the basketball court, to the weight room. Since working with Nick, I center on doing the little things that help make me faster, stronger and quicker.”

Marcus Thomas
Loyola University- Chicago (2008-2010)
Luxembourg- Bascharge Hedgehogs (2012-2014)

"I have had an unbelievable experience working with Nick. I came to him with an injury and did not think I would be able to run this season, let alone do a workout, but with his hands-on training I was back on the track within a month. His passion and perfection helped motivate me to move forward and gain confidence within myself. Overall, I know Nick’s workouts and training have helped me. I look forward to our training together in the future."

Melanie Gilbert
Western Michigan University/ Southern University Track and Field (2006-2010)
2006 Indiana Track and Field All-Star Team

“Nick is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable coaches I've ever worked with. I can personally attest to his tireless work ethic and commitment to improving the performance of each athlete he works with. His ability to lead athletes of all ages and skill levels sets him apart in our field. Any athlete would benefit tremendously from training with Nick.”

Kyle Schutts
Minnesota Twins
Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Coaching along-side Nick Brattain taught me what it meant to be dedicated to your craft. Dedicated to your athletes, to helping people realize and achieve their goals and to growing as a coach. Embracing the long hours that came with the territory of providing the best performance training out there, Nick was always able to bring a keen coaches eye and an energy that comes from a passion for training to every athlete he worked with.

Nick also elevated the performance of everyone around him. Just working in the same facility as him made you step your game up. Knowing the effort he puts into his work was the bar for what you judged your own work on. His work ethic and passion for the field is outstanding. I learned a great deal from Nick Brattain on not only the nuts and bolts of sports performance but also what it meant to be a coach.”

Ethan Breach
Lebanon High School
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

"I spent my first summer internship working under Nick at the IU Health Sports Performance facility in Carmel, Indiana. It was a fantastic opportunity for me as a young coach in the strength and conditioning field to be able to observe and learn from such an experienced and knowledgable advisor. Not only was he able to teach us as coaches, but the lessons and growth he was able to provide to his clients were evident as they returned season after season to train with him. Nick is able to motivate his athletes, lead them to improvement, and consistently help them stay healthy and uninjured.”

Kasey McKenney
Shattuck-St. Mary School
Assistant Soccer Coach

“I was fortunate enough to work under Nick Brattain as an intern during the summer of 2014. Nick is very knowledgeable about the field of strength and conditioning and strives to give his athletes the best training program to succeed and achieve their goals. He really takes the time to write individual programs for athletes that will help those athletes reach their goals. Nick also takes time out of his busy schedule to support his athletes competing in their sports. As an intern, I enjoyed working with Nick because he not only held me accountable for my actions, but he took the time to teach me how to be a good strength and conditioning coach. He was very willing to sit down and make sure I was well-rounded in creating strength and conditioning programs for different types of athletes. I do not think I would have been as confident as I am now if I did not have the opportunity to work under Nick.”

Taylor Miller
Hanover College
Exercise Science Student

“I had worked with a number of trainers prior to Nick, so I knew what to look for in a personal trainer. Nick met all my expectations in that he was professional, motivated, knowledgeable, hardworking, and passionate. Nick surpassed my expectations in the amount of personalization he was able to give to me as an individual amid a group of athletes. Before, during, and after each workout he would evaluate my strengths and weaknesses so he could target my areas of improvement within workouts. With every exercise and drill, he would explain how it would be beneficial to me as an athlete as well as how it would improve my skills within my sport. He constantly pushed me to do better and to realize the athlete that I could become, and with his help, I was able to break through barriers in my training and make improvements I didn’t think were possible. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without his help and guidance.”

Jacob Theineman
Purdue University
Purdue Football Safety

“With Nick’s extensive hands-on training and developmental programs, I was able to take my game to the next level. He is able to alter and adapt his programs based on your individual sport and needs. As a division 1 baseball player, I have to continually maintain a strong and healthy body, and Nick has helped me maintain and grow not only as an athlete but as a baseball player as well. I look forward to playing at the next level and plan on keeping Nick involved with my future training. “

Julien Gonzalez
University of Miami (Ohio)
Baseball Player

“My experience of training with Coach Nick Brattain has been unbelievable. My ultimate goal is to become a professional soccer goalkeeper and I am always looking for ways to grow and develop with training both on and off the field. Two summers ago I was able to train twice a week for one month before heading into my freshman year preseason. Though it was only for a short amount of time, I wanted to do everything I possibly could to become a more explosive athlete. I can honestly say that heading into that first training session with my soccer team, I had never felt quicker, lighter, explosive and overall stronger. From that point forward I knew that training with Nick Brattain could be a huge asset moving forward.

What made these training sessions so beneficial was that Nick always tailored the drills whether it is plyometric, conditioning or lifting to the demands of our individual sport, in my case being a goalkeeper. Each day was different in terms of the drills we did and in each drill some level of explosiveness, power and quickness was involved. Whenever I had questions about any drill or what muscle group was being trained, Nick would take the time to explain everything so that I knew exactly what purpose each movement served. Sometimes when athletes workout on their own, they fail to realize that they are in fact practicing improper technique in their movements and drills. Because of this they may not be getting everything out of their training. The difference in training with Nick was that he was watching every step and every rep looking for any improper technique and immediately letting me know what I was doing wrong and what it was supposed to look like. Overall, I know that my training with Nick has helped in so many ways and that I look forward to continuing to train moving forward.”

Eric Dick
Butler University
Soccer Player (Goalie)

“Training with Nick over the past three years has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have improved immensely in my strength and speed because of his intense training. Nick created a personalized program specific to my sport. He was motivating throughout every workout and prepared me for the transition to college. Nick’s dedication to his athletes is incredible. He would work with my schedule; he even came in at 7am on Saturdays in the summer to run me through workouts. Nicks was also in contact with my coaches to ensure I would be as prepared as possible by the time I arrived there. I am thankful I had Nick as a trainer and for feeling fully prepared going into the D1 college level.”

Emily Coudret
Dayton University
Soccer Player (Forward)

“I have had the privilege of training with Nick Brattain for a year now. I started training with him my senior year for track. There was never a dull moment; I was put through some of the toughest workouts and weight training while training with him. Nick is a passionate personal trainer and it shows in his work. I’ve seen nothing but tremendous Improvements, not only in myself but in all of his athletes. When I started training with nick I had several flaws in the way I was running. The exercises I was put through fixed nearly every one of those flaws. Before training with Nick the way I performed during my meets were hit or miss. My times improved at nearly every track meet because of the confidence I gained from working with him. He was an outstanding strength and conditioning trainer. I owe most of my success and thanks to Nick.”

Breanna Hargrove
Marshall University
Track and Field (Sprinter)

“I began training with Nick at the end of my junior year of high school. I was in need of increased strength and flexibility to propel me to the next level in cross-country and track, and Nick was able to do that for me. Nick assessed my ability, and then designed a program specific for my needs and specialty. Because of Nick’s knowledge on what makes an athlete better, I was able to perform exercises that targeted specific aspects of running. Nick’s knowledge of athletic performance extends far past running, though. I have witnessed him train athletes in sports such as basketball and soccer with results that showed his ability. Because of my training with Nick, I was able to become a faster runner with more strength and flexibility. As a result, I earned a scholarship to run at a Division II college, and was able to earn a trip to compete at the 2014 USATF Junior National Championships in Eugene, Oregon. To this day, I still consult Nick to help me in my athletic pursuits. His training undoubtedly lead me to becoming more flexible while also increasing my strength capabilities. I would recommend Nick’s training program to an athlete in any sport who is determined to improve.”

Justin Hayes
St. Joseph's University
Cross Country/Track and Field

“Nick Brattain was my coach for track and field for three years. When he first took on our team, we were a mix of athletes ranging from fairly committed to those forced into being at practice. Over one year, Nick drastically changed the reputation and the level of performance of our team. He dedicated himself to being available to work with us during and outside of practice. He even helped me create a diet and weight lifting plan when neither was necessary for a sophomore in high school. Nick Brattain is an excellent sports performance coach because he caters to the individual athlete’s needs and he truly cares about every athlete.

Nick is great as his job because he knows first-hand what it means to push your body to the limit and bringing it to peak performance. Aside from his educational background in exercise science, Nick was a competitive track athlete himself. Part of the reason Nick’s training made such an impact on me was because I consider him an inspiration for performance. Before Nick’s training, I was a runner with wild dreams of breaking a record, advancing past sectionals, and competing in college. After three years under his watchful eye, I have been able to achieve every goal I set for myself— and more. If you are willing to put in the work Nick’s programs require then you will see results you never believed could be possible.”

Miranda Dafoe
DePauw University
Track and Field (Sprinter)

“Nick has been one of the most influential people in my life as he coached me throughout my high school career. Nick was someone I could go to for guidance both on and off the track. He had great aspirations for our team and phenomenal coaching techniques that influenced us athletes to trust him and completely devote ourselves to his operations. The attention that Nick devotes to his athletes is what ultimately drove me as well as motivated me to devote my life to the sport of Track and Field, as Nick has devoted his life to helping prospective elite athletes like myself. Working with Nick has been one of the greatest things I have done thus far in my young life. Every problem I encountered or area he discovered that was in need of improvement was followed by an extremely educated suggestion and course of action in hopes to make an improvement.”

Chase Wright
DePauw University
Track and Field (Sprinter)